Editing & Proofreading


I provide editing services at an hourly rate, to help you maximise your content for your English-speaking market.

There are three main reasons for editing:

  • A fresh pair of eyes to check the English translation against the original source document, to ensure translation accuracy and make sure there are no typos, omissions, etc. in the target language.
  • To review the original translation and ensure that it meets the customer brief and style requirements.
  • Updating an existing translation, where there have been changes made to the source text after translation.


Proofreading, which also included in the editing process, focuses only on the translated or original English text. It doesn’t involve a comparison of the original against the translation. Your English content is proofread for accuracy and readability. The focus is on omitting typos, spelling or grammatical errors, and inconsistencies. 

For more information, please contact me.